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Dildo Teabaggins is a name for any unknown douche mcdouche who turns up with his arm around that girl you like. If you're doing some light social-network stalking and come across a new guy in photos with her, chances are his real name is Dildo Teabaggins.
friend: Who's that douche with the douchey smile hanging off Diana?

you: Ugh, that must be her new bf. I think his name's Dildo Teabaggins.
by Dicklechips April 08, 2010
A malicious Facebook app that acts like a human (eg. adding friends, etc)


A Facebook human that acts like a robot. Facebots deal directly with Facebook and not with the people on it. They only know what's going on in your life if they get a Notification about it; they write to their wall instead of talking to you.
Congrats on your new baby, can't believe I had to find out about it on here, thanks facebot! :(
by Dicklechips March 22, 2009
Fake Toblerone; store re-branding of Toblerone clones (Toblerclones). It's swiss chocolate with honey and nougat meant to emulate Toblerone, but instead of the patented triangular shape, it comes in a funky Trapezoid shape whose corners still hurt the rectum when taken as a suppository.

Whether President's Choice brand, Life brand, Governor's Choice, or whoever else sells it under their own brand, it's all made by the same company.

Previously known as Toblerclone, the trendier "Fauxblerone" is more common in modern hipster parlance.
"My god, how much of that chocolate are you going to shove down your rectum?"

"Relax man, it's Fauxblerone. It's cheap! 50% off all Christmas chocolate at Superstore, man."
by Dicklechips March 07, 2010
"You owe me 78 dollars" is a phrase used when sarcastically demanding financial compensation, when it is completely inappropriate. Legend has it that the amount of $78 is based on a true story, where a bill for car maintenance was split between the members of a road trip, to fix damage that occurred a year after the trip.
Jack: Aw man, I just got a photo radar! You owe me 78 dollars!
Kate: Why?! You're the one driving!
Jack: Yeah, but you're in the car too. I'll send you a paypal invoice.

Hugo: Dude, try the sushi. It's awesome.
Sawyer: Okay, but if I don't like it you owe me 78 dollars.
by Dicklechips June 17, 2010

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