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noun. Someone who commits very stinky or unnaturally smelling farts. See brownhouse effect.
That dude's such a brownhouser - I can smell him down the hall!
by Dickie Merkin January 17, 2008
noun. Basically, a rank fart. Most dangerous exposure is experienced in confined spaces i.e. a car, plane, cubicle, etc. Also a term used to denote serious disgust with the gasser. slang; brownhouse, brownhouser.
1. Dude! Who let out the brownhouse??!
2. Man, you really need to keep that brownhouse effect to yourself!
by Dickie Merkin January 17, 2008
adj. 'Trout bomb' means: lowly, beneath respect, having disdain for. See also whack.
That car's muffler is dragging -- that's so trout bomb.
by Dickie Merkin July 13, 2005
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