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London Bridge – the cleavage between a woman’s breasts.

London, London, London (v.) – the act of doing a “motorboat” to breasts.

You london-london her breasts, when you kiss the London bridge and utter “brbrbrrrr” imitating a motorboat.
Meanie: Dude, do you know the fergie song – london bridge?
Smartie: And?
Meanie: I think she meant an orgy, by saying london bridge.
Smartie: “London Bridge” does not mean orgy or legs-widespread or pussy or whatsoever!
Meanie: What does london bridge mean then?
Smartie: London Bridge was downed by fire. When someone makes your "London Bridge fall down", they are making you very hot. (sexual.) In the song by Fergie of the same name the music starts with fire sirens. "How come everytime you come around my London Bridge wanna go down?" equates "How come everytime I see you I wanna get off?"

Meanie: Nah man you kiddin! London bridge is cleavage, and girls get off when you do london-london-london to their breasts! It’s like motorboat, you do brbrbrbr like a motorboat to the london bridge.
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by Dickie Greenleaf October 18, 2012
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