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The act of having sex with your female partner and at the point of ejaculation aim and shoot your sperm in her eye. She will then grab her eye, at which point you kick her in the shin. She will hop around the room holding her eye and shin and screaming like an angry pirate.
Got down and dirty with the missus last night and gave her an angry pirate, she wasn't happy!
by Dickie Brooks October 05, 2007
Pronounced Welfare-enough: An able bodied person who lives on welfare for their entire lives and thinks it OK to do so
Q: So mate, have you got a job yet?
A: Nah fella,what's the point I get plenty of money on the dole, it's welfarenough!
by Dickie Brooks October 24, 2007
Much like speed dating, only for promiscuous homosexual fellas that like life in the fast lane.
Oooh, check out me new Y-Backs i've just bought for when I go out speed fudging tonight, easy access and stylish too!
by Dickie Brooks September 21, 2007
Underpants normally worn by men of the homosexual persuasion, whereby the opening pouch is located at the rear as opposed to the front.
I'm going out speed fudging tonight, so I got me Y Backs on for easy access!
by Dickie Brooks September 21, 2007

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