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A set of sexual acts that have names of cereal.

Fruit Loops: Take a girl and cover her with apple and orange juice while she is on acid.

Coco Puffs:When you have a fat black chick and you cover her with Hershey chocolate syrup and milk.

Reese's Puffs: When you have a orgy consisting of Caucasian, Hispanic, and Filipino women.
I had so many women over we had some cereal boxes.
by Dick muncher 246 January 08, 2011
the period were you are waiting for your jizz to "reload in your balls or vagina.

See waiting room.
we will fuck later i need to do some hydration.
by Dick muncher 246 January 08, 2011
Definition 1: While in a exited or disgusting mood and/ or feeling, the mans testicles or the womens clitoris, is so sticky, slimy, and vinegary, that there is nothing that will not stick to them.
My balls were acting up so bad they started to feel like Electrical Tape.
by Dick muncher 246 January 08, 2011
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