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The nappy, snarled hair, swamp area between a guys asshole and scrotum. The moisture and look of tufted corn silk seperate this region from the average gooch or under-carriage.
"Dude can I borrow you sideburn trimmers so I can get rid of this wallyfincher before my big date tonight?"
by Dick Wazinya January 28, 2009
Person who constantly has their thumb up their ass.
Why don't one of you thumbrunners stop watching and give me a hand here!
by Dick Wazinya July 31, 2009
A phrase dipshits say because they don't realize the term is "uh oh" or "uh-oh".
Everyone let is slide when the retarded kid said "ut oh" instead of "uh-oh", because he was actually retarded!
by Dick Wazinya November 26, 2008

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