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When you get annoyed at something your spouse does.
Jill experienced much marritation with Jack after he broke her bottle of Crown Royal.
by Dick Perses March 01, 2009
Skating over the bullshit.
I was supposed to be thrown under the bus in Friday's meeting, but some deft fecalplaning shifted the blame elsewhere.
by Dick Perses February 07, 2009
Free Range, All Natural, Fat Free, Organic Pussy.
Rex moved closer and caressed her heaving melons. He then went lower, lower to her un-bacon.
by Dick Perses February 12, 2010
A task performed to maintain one's standing on a social networking site.
It really was not inbox rot when I didn't accept Bart's friend request. I was just shirking my snuty.
by Dick Perses March 24, 2009

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