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Bitch on the rag
Man, that girl is a Bor
by Dick Lea October 03, 2011
When one ejaculates into anothers anus..
bob nutter buttered betty so she wouldn't get pregnant.
by Dick Lea April 20, 2011
giving or receiving oral sex for a white substance
Dave is happy; he just got a snoblow
by Dick Lea April 21, 2011
An extremely flexible whore
I put her legs over her head and folded her up like a whoreigami!
by Dick Lea April 20, 2011
A threesome of one person sandwiched between two whores.
"Last night, Randy got s'more whored."

(One person handled his front; one person handled his back. Randy was the marshmellow between two graham crackers.)
by Dick Lea January 18, 2011
inhaling substances off someone's long finger nail when no other substance accesory is available
Becky, with her long acrylic nail, spooned the substance out and offered Bob her pinky nail to inhale. She asked "want a hooker bump?"
by Dick Lea April 20, 2011
When a jewish person he/she has an overgrown pubic hair area..
I was afraid to go down on her, she had a jew fro... I was afraid it was going to get stuck in my teeth!
by Dick Lea April 20, 2011

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