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See pothead.

Someone who smokes pot, marijuana, Mary Janes.. yea you know the drill ~ the good stuff!
I'm a smoker.
I'm a joker.
I'm a midnight toker!
by Dick Jones April 14, 2004
the process of rolling a rather large joint, and then most likely toking it.
Hey, you roll any fattys lately??
by Dick Jones April 14, 2004
1. pissed off
2. when your bitch has had enuff cock
I fed up matt's mom.
by Dick Jones April 14, 2004
Candy description of your manhood.
If you could describe your manhood with a candy, it should be good 'n plenty.
by Dick Jones April 14, 2004
A pimp who can change bitches easily.
He left Taree and went straight for some other bitch; what a quicsilver!
by Dick Jones April 14, 2004
something you say to a ho to pick her up for the night but you always regret it afterwards
"I wonder what our children will look like."
by Dick Jones May 28, 2004
A man's spermatoza.
Baby, come on over here and let me release my Super Troopers on ya.
by Dick Jones May 12, 2004

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