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When you're doin' a girl doggy-style, scream out another girl's name, grab on to her tits, and hold on as long as you can. (Can also be combined with the donkey punch)
Ride with caution 'cause once you get the Wild Rodeo goin', it doesn't stop when you're tired...no it don't slow down.
by Dick Hurtz August 28, 2003
A person with eyes too far apart.
Did you see that chick I took home last night? She wasn't bad except for the wideclops.
by dick hurtz March 29, 2005
the act of twitching like crazy due to a problem with their nervous system named after a boy named ike.
All of a sudden I got a sudden sympton of ike syndrom
by Dick Hurtz February 16, 2005
The object that someone uses to stick up there vagina,anus or any other open part of the body, usually associated with a woman named sherry and her husband dave.
We found sherry's vegetables under her bed.
by Dick Hurtz February 16, 2005

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