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Term of endearment derived from the word hipster, much like the word 'nigga,' only usually used in reference to white people.
Wussup my hipsta?
#hipster #nigga #cool #trendy #endearment
by Dick Ballderass August 12, 2010
babysitting some drunk chick to make sure she doesn't leave the bar with some guy, usually done as a favor to her friend/boyfriend.
i was gonna get laid last night, but some asshole was whoresitting.
#whore #bar #drunk #sex #babysitting
by Dick Ballderass August 11, 2010
1. A sausage, usually a bratwurst, wrapped in bacon.
2. The most delicious thing EVER
ah, man. that baconwurst was so fuckin good i gotta take a nap.
#bacon #sausage #greasy #heart attack special #fatty as fuck
by Dick Ballderass August 12, 2010
a vampire who sparkles in the sun, rather than turning to ash.
Guy 1: dude, did you hear about that movie twilight?
Guy 2: no, what's it about?

Guy 1: a buncha vampires who play baseball and sparkle in the sun.
Guy 2: fuckin cumpires.
#gay #faggotry of the highest order #glitter #no plot #douche in a tree
by Dick Ballderass August 16, 2010
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