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Ojisan literally means Uncle in Japanese.

Can also be used as a slightly impolite way to address a middle aged man, similar to the English "Mister".
My Ojisan is visiting from Osaka tomorrow.

Excuse me Ojisan, which train goes to Kyoto?

Hey Ojisan, keep your hands off my girl.
by DicemanLucky7 July 10, 2008
Similar in nature to a Social Butterfly in that they are attracted to social events, or anywhere a number of people are gathered.

The main difference being that while a Social Butterfly is usually more outgoing and well liked by their social group(s), Social Moths gather around the popular people & places without being particularly popular themselves, much like a moth is attracted to a bright light.

Social Moths usually aren't particularly attractive or talented and tend to lack any real personality so they gather around people with those qualities to make themselves appear more interesting.

Not to be confused with a Wallflower who may actually have a great personality but is generally just introverted or shy in large groups.

Steve: Aww man, Dave showed up again. Who invites him anyway?

Tony: Yeah, he's a total Social Moth, showing up uninvited and hangin around all the popular people but he really doesn't have many friends.
by DicemanLucky7 August 09, 2008
Refers to Japanese Hip-hop (Nip from Nippon, the native word for Japan and Hop from Hip-hop) as well as a general reference to any Asian Hip-hop artist or group.
While similar in most ways to western Hip-hop/Rap, many Japanese Hip-hop groups tend use a "softer" mix of R&B, Rock, and Pop music along with multiple MCs and/or vocals. This is due in large part to the lack of an established fan base for "true" Hip-hop/Rap music in Japan, though it is gaining popularity.
Examples of Nip-hop artists: TERIYAKI BOYZ (featured on the F&F: Tokyo Drift OST), Zeebra (considered to be one of the first "true" Japanese rappers), K Dub Shine, Aquarius, RIZE, Rhymester, Dabo, Dragon Ash, Seamo, Back-On, M-flo, Rip-Slyme, three Nation, Home Made Kazoku (their songs are featured in several popular anime titles)
by DicemanLucky7 August 13, 2008
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