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Jarmen Kell is the hero unit for the Global Liberation Army in Command and Conquer Generals. He is from Arab decent. He is the master of stealth and has aim that is unparallelled. He can snipe people out of anything from Humvees to the overlord tank. He is simply a bad ass sniper boss. If you pick the demo general in Zero hour he has the ability to place a bomb.

In the mod Shockwave, he can get the ability to shoot down helicopters and temporarily disable buildings by shooting their power cables.
"I don't care who they are"
"No one escapes!"
"What's the job?"
-Jarmen Kell 2003

God damn it Jarmen Kell just assassinated my Veteran Black Locus.

Jesus Christ Jarmen Kell calm the fuck down, why did you snipe out my overlord?
by Dice! December 13, 2011

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