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Some one who always takes it too far. They step over the line again and again. Sometimes You Have To Check Em.
Yo man Rick James just put his dirty cowboy boots all over your suede couch. That dude steps over the line. Habitually. He's a habitual line stepper.
by Dicap April 07, 2006
Your Stomach, As Defined by Big L
Yo I Gotta Fill The Foodbox
by Dicap March 03, 2003
Loved by trick daddy and myself, this meal is eaten when you have no food in your house.
"damn its 4 am and i dont wanna go to the store, lemme whip up a mayo sangwich
by Dicap March 03, 2003
Someone/something that is undesirable.
You hooked up with her? Shes GARBAGGOOOOOO

7 Bucks for a beer? GARBAGOO
by Dicap August 21, 2007
a male ejaculation....probably invented by fabolous
"oops there goes my kids all over ya face"
"all she gotta do is keep swallowin my kids like the witch in hanzel and gretel
by Dicap March 03, 2003

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