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The great Dibuzu was a worrior from ancient Japan fudel class. His father was welsh, making him a outcast from the samurai. Dibuzu, rode a pigmy pony, wore samurai armor and a pith helmet made of bronze. He carried no sword, only leeks! He would ride behind the samurai, and wait for them to call battle. He would always be the first to strip buck naked and run, screaming into the fray; devastating the enemy with his fury. His mastery with leeks was legend, and all Japan came to know the ethos of the Great Dibuzu.
I'll put the " DIBUZU" on your ass!

- that tards a bit" belt- feed", he'll naw! He's when full-on Dibuzu

- ladies, the GREAT DIBUZU is here; all ladies that wish to receive a "damn fine rogering" plane rase your hand.
by Dibuzu December 18, 2012

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