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The noises made in your stomache when your ass is about to burst due to a case of explosive diarrhea
Everytime i eat greasy foods I get the bubble guts.
by diaz January 06, 2004
The hottest female Pornstar on the planet. Has a nice rack, and nice ass. Comes from the Czech Republic, and does nude centerfolds. SHE IS SO DAMN HOT!
"I have 2,000 Veronica pics on my comp."
by Diaz January 16, 2005
An individual who rises from adversity and disaster to become successful, but still remains true to himself and others...
Wow, that guy is real ghetto superstar
by Diaz September 27, 2003
New York, NY. 2003 = The Pact

Pact It (verb/ command) : To ask an individual to prove their honesty by swearing their statement on the pact, or by simply saying "i pact it"
" 'Yo, Fred, I'll pay you back tomorrow, nigga'
'...Pact it'"

"'Yo, nigga, i'll pay you back tomorrow Fred.'
'Pact it'
'I pact it.'
' Now i believe you' "
by Diaz February 09, 2005
substance found in fast food undistinguishable by taste
or form, causing extreme twisting and churning of the bowels, leaving one wishing for death or immediate release of said goots.
Damn that chinese food was full of GOOTS, I can feel the bubbleguts already coming on!
by diaz January 06, 2004
stands for 'ladies man'
like when sum1 a hit with the girls u can say: yeh, look whos lm
by diaz June 10, 2003
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