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adjective: the act of floating or rowing down a river or lake while naked
After we finished the first case of beer, canuding sounded like a good idea.
by Diane Love October 17, 2007
explative: the realization that something is astonishing and/or traumatic; something that needs fixing ASAP
Holy crapbag Batman! I left my cell phone in the cab :-(
by Diane Love October 17, 2007
the sweet sweet smell of a cheese factory or the snobbyness of a cheese producing state
Wisconsin is quite proud of their dairyaire.
by Diane Love December 04, 2007
noun: a generic wannabe supermodel who makes limited income at a low paying job who is very pretty and steals all the guys' attention when out at a party or other drinking establishment; she has no intention of entering into a relationship with said victim
I was talking to this great guy at a party when all of his attentions were diverted to some hookerbot displaying her new boobs.
by Diane Love October 17, 2007
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