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A Hawaiian name for Diana
Diana in Hawaii: "My name is Kiane"
by Diana March 13, 2004
Someone who tries at something, fails misserably, and lets into pop culture so they can have more money.
Bowling for Soup is the biggest sell out. They used to be alternative but things didn't go so great so they decided to be on pop stations, so now they do more things for pop stations than for alternative just because of the money. Fuck sellouts
by Diana May 02, 2003
That place you know, in Toronto where all the stoners go to uhh... oh yeah get stoned, and then... and then they get high, er yeahh stoned at darkside, its umm, stonerish... and you get stoned! Did I mention that this is a place where you wait in line to go in and there are people getting high all around you and you can get lots of free weed! You think I'm joking, and if you choose not to believe me that's fine, I only know half of what I say, I knwo this entire thing is true! (well if i say the entire thing is true that only means half of half of what I am saing)
Chick 1: OMG we went to darkside last weekend!
Chick 2: How was it?
Chick 1: Well uhh... I don't really remember... BECAUSE I WAS SO HIGH!
Chick 2: Really?
chick1: Did I mention I touched the sky?
by Diana April 28, 2005
Male breasts, the testicles of the chest. Often used as an insult.
JOHN: Ello, Mark.
MARK: Ello, John.
JOHN: You have large chesticles, Mark.
MARK: Indeed I do, John. Your mother's a chesticle, you stupid chesticle.
by Diana November 14, 2003
A rapper who has recently become popular for his hits Jesus Walks and Diamonds From Sierra Leonne. The former is well known for powerful images in the music video, including a klan member crafting a burning cross, as well as its deeply religious theme. The latter hit is acknowledged for its haunting music video which shows conflict diamonds and the children who toil to produce them. However, it is also recognized because, despite the powerful images in the video, the song was not originally associated with the cause and the lyrics do not correlate to the message.

West is often said to be cocky, notably because of his actions at the 2004 American Music Awards, when he criticised the decision that denied him an award. However, he is also known as one of the only famous rappers to openly address and condemn hip-hop's homophobia, as he himself has a gay cousin.
Kanye West can be both egotistical and talented, but his personal beliefs seem to be the most interesting part of his character
by Diana August 22, 2005
Strange people that do stuff on www.homestarrunner.com
Cheerleader. So and so, what's her face, and the ugly one
by diana March 29, 2004
house of concerts, crowded of people singing and enjoying the show.
''Bring this mutha down!'' (At least that's what Madonna's backing vocal said.)
by diana April 06, 2003

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