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you say that to nosy peole: what are you looking at? Look at yourself!
...Whatcha lookin' at
I feel your eyes on me...
by diana April 06, 2003
Something cute, like a small creature or stuffed animal.
Aww, that bear is such a loafis!
by diana March 15, 2004
adj. Remarkable or outstanding in regards to a consistent record of failing.
The Morgan tribe has to be the loserest tribe in the history of Survivor.
by Diana November 13, 2003
A person who is being a loser and an ass at the same time.
"You are being a looser ass, stop it, your making a fool of yourself!"
by Diana August 09, 2003
An health care automobile for cry-babies. To rescue and take care of those people that complains about any tiny wounds.
Stop cryin' already! Don't make me call the wambulance!
by diana April 06, 2003
The stuff people leave on their cigarettes when you share... ya know, spit!
Girl: Hey can I take a pull off that smoke?

Guy: Sure!

Girl: Eew Juice!
by Diana May 13, 2005
A show involving bright lights, a dark stage, mics that don't make anything loud unless you're backstage, cursing with your headset accidentally on. It is custom-made costumes that are 9 sizes to big or 4 sizes too small, it is the reason why we stay at school until 9 on a weeknight. It is dancing, it is singing, it is working hard for 2 months just to walk out of the dressing rooms and get a flower from the guy who swore he'd never be caught dead in that auditorium. It is showing the assholes that a freshman can get a solo and be better than half the seniors. It is that place we go to to whine about having to stay and cry when at the final end, it's time to go. A place where even the most perverted geniuses are forever respected. In the end though, "Y'all suck."
Blast from the Past is the only thing that could make me wear purple spandex.
by diana April 04, 2005
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