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Overly intensive self gratifying procrastination, thought and contemplation for a subject not necessarily warranting such effort.

"Let's quit the mental masturbation here, its a waste of time..."
by Diamond Tee April 09, 2009
To exhibit overwhelming prudence in financial or budgetary matters.
"Our finances will be OK in Dave's capable hands. He'd skin a turd that guy..."
by Diamond Tee April 09, 2009
A scrawny lollypop headed girl or woman, who hogs the treadmill at the gym, walking briskly for hours as though it would make any difference to her emaciated figure, thus preventing others using the machine.
"I had to quit gym early because there were too many tread-hogs"
by Diamond Tee April 09, 2009
Rhyming slang... sausage roll... the dole. i.e another name for the dole or social security payments.
"I fear this recession is so bad, I'm terribly afraid we'll end up on the sausage roll"
by Diamond Tee April 09, 2009

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