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A highly attractive or desirable person (generally male) that when looked at causes a gushing sensation of creamy goodness in ones undergarments.
Dan is a total creamboat. Now I gotta change my pants
cream creamed gush cum dreamboat
by Diamond Lil June 23, 2009
The lower parts of your body you do the nasty with
I want to wrap my fuck parts round the singer of Kings Of Leons face.
by Diamond Lil December 15, 2009
1. A relationship where one half of the couple is fucking ugly and the other is rank. They combine to form the ultimate union of nastyness that causes the innocent bystander to wretch a little in their mouth.

2. An object/person that is revolting to both eyes and nose.
1. I wish that fugrank couple would stop chatting boring shit while im trying to heat my food.

2. So I got on the packed train and there was a seat next to this fat sleeping woman, I went to sit there but then I saw that she had shit herself and it had dripped down her leg. Man it was fugrank.

fug fugly rank
by Diamond Lil June 23, 2009
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