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When fucking and you get brewers droop or can't manage anything more than a slack-on, one is required to 'thumb it in'
As seen on many porno's
"Fuck me hard Liam", "sorry petlamb, ive gone all soft i'll just have to thumb it in"
by Diamond Dave April 28, 2004
a perversion invloving fucking dead-crippled-baby animals, practiced mainly in middlesboro
hey smoggy get your cock out of that dead cat, you do realise its a spacker, you pervert.
by Diamond Dave April 28, 2004
to shag a lady vigerously so that her pelvis requires medical treatment thus involving a hip replacement
"im gonna go knacker deep on that bird so hard she'll need an appointment at the knackered hipward"
by Diamond Dave April 28, 2004

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