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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series is A YouTube series that has basicly made internet history. A YouTube member named LittleKuriboh made a Yu-Gi-Oh! fandub. This series was basicly Yu-Gi-Oh! In 4-10 minutes, except less gay. as a result of creating this series, LittleKuriboh was banned from YouTube by the YouTube Nazis. This inspired people to make theyre own fandubs, severly irritating the YouTube Nazis So much, That they only banned the GOOD abridged sereis creators, such as MasakoX, a co-creator of Naruto: The Abridged Series. Today, there are abridged series for nearly every anime on tv. weather its in Japan, or the usa, there is an abridged series of it.

as of December 1st 2007, there are 25 episodes, A legion of doom special containing all the villans of the sereis, a christmas special, a capsule monstors parody, and a Yugioh Abridged Movie.
Almost Each episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series has a famous qoute, that the series itself created...Lets look at the best ones...

"Screw The Rules, I have Money!"
Episode one

"No! Yugi! You cant be dead! 4Kids would have censord it!"
Episode 18
by Dhiz Kanichioko November 30, 2007
1.The moderators on youtube who go around deleting all of the good anime, reality shows, hacks, and basicly any thing fun

2. A person who is not a youtube moderator, but acts like one by flagging all of the good stuff
carl: Dude! I had this link so I could watch my favorite family guy scene, but now its gone!
Joe: Well, I wouldent be surprised if thoses damn youtube nazis got rid of it

by Dhiz Kanichioko November 30, 2007
A YouTube Nazi (YTN) is either

a. A person who works for the website YouTube (possibly a moderator or some other authority figure) and basicly deletes 50% of the videos that are copywrited, or, as in the opinions of many (Myself included...) videos that are just to plain fun.

A YTN could also be a person who is a little bitch when it comes to YouTube, and decides to flag all of the videos that are copywritted or fun to kind of, help out the YouTube mods. In some peoples minds, this could be seen as being a nark.
Generic Random YouTuber #1: Dude! You know that funny clip from that episode of (Insert Name Of Show Here)?
Geniric Random YouTuber #2: Yeah! The one where (Name) does cocaine?
GRY #1: Yeah! 'Dem YouTube Nazis Deleted it!
GRY #2: Those bastards!

GRY #3: (Name)? What are you doing?
GRY #4: Flagging all of the (insert anime name) episodes and parodies!
GRY #3: Why? Why are you being a nark?
GRY #4: Because I have no life.
by Dhiz Kanichioko November 30, 2007

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