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a.k.a Weezy. Sexiest rapper alive! Clearly very talented and has the ability to control emotions with lyrics. Involved with drugs, and constantly has a Styrofoam cup. In that Styrofoam cup, he holds the key to his success. SIKE! It's just Sizzurp. He has killer punchlines and ill rhymes. THE FUCKING BEST! He's a blood. Memeber of CashMoney Records. Is usually spotted with his so called "father" in the industry, Birdman. Rumors going around that he is a homo-sexual. But all are false. I LOVE YOU WEEZY!
Lil' Wayne is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE!
Nigga 1-Yo nigga' you hear dat new Wayne song
Nigga 2-Which one?
Nigga 1-I don't know the nigga jumps on 70 tracks a day it's the one that goes Li-li-li-li-lick me like a lollipop
Nigga 2-Oh you talking bout Lollipop, yea da nigga was fire on da track he da best ya digg. Lil Wayne for president nigga!
Nigga 1-Yea NIGGA!!!
to be continued....
by Dha Dame Runs THANGSZ!! July 10, 2008

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