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An artificial vagina created on a male inmate by another male inmate. The vagina is formed by cutting a small incision inside the recieving inmates armpit. The incision once formed is used as a normal vagina by either the inmate or group of inmates doing the cutting.
After countless run ins with the Hispanic gang in jail Jim finally crossed the line and his fate to have a jailgina was sealed.
by Dgreen January 23, 2006
a sexy brunette with a special mystique and an hourglass shape, voluptuous curves and under 5'11"
Oh, she's a stompie.
by DGreen July 18, 2003
a chick with puss(vagina) so good it elicits premature ejaculation.
Damn, after seeing Frida I'll bet you that Salma Hayek is a touch n' bust!!!!!
by DGreen July 18, 2003
a man who has to spend money on a female because he doesn't have any game.

aka cake daddy, cake momma
Stu gave all of the ATL girls leather coats for Christmas and still got no ass. What a cake.
by DGreen July 21, 2003
See camel toe
Wow, look at the pig knuckle in those jeans.
by DGreen July 18, 2003
fuck boy
Your girl orders you around like your some kind of fb.
by DGreen July 21, 2003
when a well endowed man squirts large spurts of semen in rapid bursts on a female. often leaving a striped effect on the skin.
Dude, I pulled out and squigged all over this chicks ass.
by DGreen July 18, 2003
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