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Usually said in the most common of accents, (mainly those which are widely known as the 'chav' accents) used by several semi-famous people of our time, for example: MC Devvo, MC Dezmo and DJ SpitInYerEye, this phrase is usually used by those who believe they 'genuinely know', only with only a slight colloquial and explicit manner. Nevertheless, the people often using this in the most serious of their own ways are often referred to as pricks.
*Ducks 'swanning around' aimlessly, pecking at the floor looking for some food*

Darren: Oi! Ain't no foods 'round 'ere..!

Duck: ........

Darren: I fuckin' KNOW!!

Duck: ........

Darren: Yeah, fuckin' showed you dickhead!

Duck: ........ Woof.

Darren: Phuuuuurk!
by DezmoBabyLoads May 26, 2011
Commonly shouted out during those exams that nobody could ever give a fuck about.
Or mentioned in a large group of people, after Captain Obvious makes his most recent discovery.

Almost always followed up by a relating laugh, or the follow-on of the self-owned hilarity of the group, with

.... And knowing is half the battle.
G. I. Joooooeeee.
*Sat in silence, the year 12s continue sitting in boredom after finishing the 2 hour General Studies exam in 3 and a half minutes, with flying colours and full marks.... Except James, because he doesn't have a brain stem....*

Invidulator: Right, Year 12. You have about.... 4 minutes left (of this pointless exam..)

Chad: And now we know!

John: And knowing is half the battle.

Chorus of year 12s: G. I. Joooooeeee!
by DezmoBabyLoads May 26, 2011

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