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DeZ was here...
WTF is a len anyway?
by DeZ August 01, 2003
also refered to as "aflx" or "AcidReflex"
hey buttercheecks, get back here you brown baffalo
by dez November 11, 2003
The words used by africans meaning 'Black Blood'.
'Yo waddup Bubaclats'
by Dez February 15, 2005
Someone's face, usually deregatory
"She deserves a slap in the dish" or "Man, did you see that guy's dish? UUUGLY!"
by Dez March 25, 2004
A Spikey Happy Guy
"Dez sure is happy"
by DeZ August 04, 2003
Damn that nigga over there is a BMW!
by DeZ March 24, 2005
A tiny hell hole located in Bladen County on the eastern side of North Carolina. People most commonly found here are Rednecks and pregnant teenagers.
Woman: Honey I think we are lost. The sign says we are in Elizabethtown, but everyone here keeps calling it E-town, and asking if we know where Bubba's Tax-E-Der-Me is....
by Dez December 03, 2003

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