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3 definitions by Dextrocardia

To respond to a question with a random talking points having little to no bearing on the question being asked; in the style of VP candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. (also a noun describing a response like this.)
Q: How should the United States deal with the economic crisis?

A: John McCain is a maverick, and Alaska has oil...

Me: Wow, way to Palin that question.
by Dextrocardia October 08, 2008
The rattling, watery sound your lungs make the first time you do something athletic in the Spring.
The run wasn't that hard, once I got past my winter wheeze.
by dextrocardia March 08, 2007
n. The term given when an object behaves in a manner totally different than one would expect from standard physics. Usually used in sports contexts.
I was ready to crush his return, but the ball took the weirdest bounce off the wall. It was like he used Canadian physics.
by Dextrocardia November 13, 2006