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One of the common types of sex in pornography is the double penetration: a scene in which a woman is penetrated anally & vaginally by 2 men at the same time. And in some of those scenes the woman also performs oral sex on a third man simultaneously, which means she has a penis in each oriface (airtight). Virtually all these scenes end with the men ejaculating onto the woman's face affording her the opportunity for A2M.

The female who perform a DP can be said to be a highly-evolved slut, aware that she's a sensuous, attractive being who inspires lust and is willing to give herself over over to 2 (or more) men who can use her as a tool for their own sexual gratification, while she opens up all of her body to their desires. All in her quest for a great orgasm.

Anti-porn lobbyists maintain that the men who watch DPs in pornography know that the vast majority of women outside porn don’t want it, and this knowledge is at the center of the sexual charge. It’s a social taboo: a sexual practice considered by many to be inappropriate or immoral: hence the sexual attraction of DPs.

However, in reality, double penetrations appeal to males because it is a woman totally opening herself up to male sexual desire without even the subtlest notion that this is some kind of deeper relationship. It is sex. Nasty, intense sex. Which is what truly great pornography is all about.
The guys get up & stand in front of Sara who gives them some nice slow head. She then lays down on a leather swing & takes it up the ass in mish. Sarah then gets up off the swing & waits for Robert Rosenberg to lay down. Just seeing this girl’s ass from the back & her overall figure got me. She rides him hard in cowgirl & then receives some hard double penetration.
by Dexter Day October 28, 2009
The Anal Cavity is one of three passages in the female body used for male sexual gratification.

The more constricting it is, against the penis, the more pleasure is generated for the man. And - if she delights in the experience of being stimulated anally - for the female, also.

If she has been used by a lot of men, the bitch is unlikely to have a tight-ass bum. But if she is still new to anal sex, there is lots of fun to be had!
Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum... These sluts are begging for you to cum inside their pussies or tight-ass bum! Watch as we fill five beautiful holes with hot love liquid. These fine-ass babes get stuffed with pounds of man meat until they are given a creamy treat!
by Dexter Day June 10, 2010
A female who openly fucks others for pleasure and as a form of socializing. Also known as a Bimbo, Tramp or Trollop. She may also be a Whore, but her primary concern is her own pleasure.

On a lesser level, she may also be evolving into a Spiritual Slut.
Hi there! My name is Eve. I'm a lifestyle slut and enjoy casual fucking. I'd really like a good fuck sometime with you if you're interested. I do practice safe sex, though. OK?
by Dexter Day June 10, 2010
A female who prostitutes herself for money, valuable gifts, life advancement, a career in Porn, or power over others. Also known as a Whore. She may also be a bimbo (Lifestyle Slut) (and thus genuinely derive pleasure from what she is doing) but her primary concern is reward.

Behind this, she may also be an evolving Spiritual Slut.
In thinking about these issues and sluttery I decided that it could be said there are basically three different kinds of sluts. There is the economic slut who prostitutes herself for money.
by Dexter Day June 10, 2010
Fingercuffing: two guys fucking a slut. One fucks her pussy/ass, the other fucks her mouth.

There are three common positions when fingercuffing. In position #1 the slut is down on all fours/doggie style; In position #2 she is lying on her back/missionary (taking one cock in the pussy/ass and leaning back/over to pleasure the second cock with her mouth); And in position #3 the slut is riding cowgirl/reverse cowgirl atop the first man, while the second man stands to insert his cock in her mouth.

Such a female is a highly-evolved slut. In her quest for a great orgasm, she willingly gives herself to 2 men as a tool for their sexual gratification.
1. Watch her take on two cocks at once in this MMF scene and love every deep throat fucking, ass stuffing, fingercuffing second of it.

2. In this clip this MILF pleasured two horny studs by giving them turns in stuffing her with massive dicks and fingercuffing her and towards the end she got jizzed in her pretty face.
by Dexter Day July 11, 2010
A promiscuous female who understands that sex is not just a pleasure for her and her partners, but a meaningful social/spiritual exchange which enriches her and the men using her.

A highly-evolved slut (Spiritual Slut) who is fully conscious of her role/purpose and willingly opens her body as a tool for male sexual gratification.

A freely-open source of pleasure/satisfaction for men who understands/accepts the strength of the male need for sex and feels joy at being a source for this.
Sex Goddesses have existed through out ancient history. They exuded creativity, strength and passion. Their stories are still shared today.

In today's culture a Sex Goddess is seen as a woman who lusts after the act of sex itself, who will engage in any kind of sexual activity with any partner. This is far from the truth of a true Goddess. All women can be a Sex Goddesses if they want to be. It takes courage and strength to unveil your true essence as a woman to yourself and to the world.
by Dexter Day June 11, 2010
One of the common types of sex in pornography is the Ass To Mouth (or ATM/A2M) in which the man removes his penis from a slut's anus and, without cleaning it, places it in her mouth or the mouth of another slut. The cleaning of the penis is excluded for the sake of increased sexual excitement. Pleasure (for the man and the audience) that comes from knowing that the slut is injesting fecal matter (present on the penis in a quantity so small as to almost always be invisible to the naked eye) which is unhygienic. When she does this, the female is expressing disregard for her own health and accepting the implicit imposition of the idea that her well-being is of no great concern anyway.

The female who performs an A2M on camera is a highly-evolved slut, fully conscious of her role/purpose and willing to give her body over as a tool for male sexual gratification. In her quest for a great orgasm of her own the slut may, or may not, derive sexual pleasure from doing things that are considered taboo. While some sluts are aroused precisely because of the taboos associated with playing with the anus, others truly delight in the experience of stimulating or being stimulated anally.

Ass To Mouth is a mainstay of porn where men are depicted as dominating/degrading the whores for the erotic pleasure of the (mostly) male audience. The appeal is that the sex is bad & shameful and the girl is dirty & nasty for doing it. Which is what truly great pornography is all about.
Jamming a few fingers in her ass to get it stretched out a bit, Ben pummels her asshole in some great anal action. Her ass gaping and her heart racing, Liv rides his meaty dick before taking it back in her mouth. After some good ass to mouth action, she takes it back in her asshole before he gives her a health dose of cum in her mouth.
by Dexter Day May 29, 2010
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