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A person who doesn't want to have sex, do drugs, drink, swear, or do anything out of line. Derived from the word "Fridged" which means a woman who doesn't want to have sex. Used mostly in Northern Sydney.
Nez: Dude why do the little year seven shits rat on us smoking?
Joe: Cause the fucking frijed cunts.
by Dewy Horne February 04, 2008
Hornsby is the maddest city in the fucking world. Hornsby is located just north of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. There tends to be a lot of teen violence, drugs and alcohole in the area.
Joel: Dude you wanna come with me and some chicks to Castle Towers tomorrow?
Tim: Nah man. I'm goin' to Hornsby. You and the girls can come along.
Joel: Smick!
by Dewy Horne February 04, 2008
"Ession" originated in Sydney and has many many meanings. To "have an ession" means to have fun, in no way in particular. You can have an ession anywhere, any time. To go to an ession usually means to go to a piss-up or a party.
1) Dewy: Dude c'mon we've gotta go to class.
Jake: Fuck that dude, let's have an ession.
Dewy: We can have an ession on the way.
Jake: An ession on the way to class?

2) Liam: What are you doing tonight?
Shezza: Havin' an ession. Turn up.
Liam: Why not.
by Dewy Horne February 05, 2008

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