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The privilege of allowing tens of millions of non whites into your country and allowing them to whine and complain endlessly about 'White racism"

the privilege of often being targeted by these other groups for rape and other violent crimes.

the privilege of having your own children brainwashed by the schools funded by your tax dollars, and told that your people are evil, and that they should be ashamed of themselves and their ancestors.

the privilege of being systematically pushed down by marxist affirmative action laws, in a supposed attempt to "level the playing field

the privilege of becoming a dwindling minority in the nations founded and bult by your ancestors.

It is the privilege of being told that you must remain silent and accept your own genocide, because to do otherwise would mean you are a racist, and society has told us a racist is the worst kind of person, worse than even a rapist or thief
Joe: Wtf? There was only 2 White on Black rapes this year compared to over 30,000 Black on White rapes and yet the Duke Lacrosse "rape" hoax was spotlighted??

Kevin: Yep. Call it white privilege!
by Dewar Boyd August 08, 2012
A wannabee nigger who deserves to get a beating from both Whites and Blacks alike.

A very pitiful and culturally deprived young White man who dresses and tries to act like Blacks. They're the ones with the backwards hats, the baggy clothing and listen to rap music.

All to often these wiggers come from middle class families and live 20 miles from the nearest ghetto.
Paulie: Look at Mike over there with those baggy shorts and backwards Reds hat. What a wigger

Jason: Yeah hes a loser
by Dewar Boyd August 08, 2012
A white nigger -- a White person who is poor, ignoant, lazy, usually on some kind of welfare, likely has had some issues with the law and may live in a trailer
Matt: You see Amanda is dating another nigger now?

Kevin: What a piece of white trash
by Dewar Boyd August 08, 2012

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