2 definitions by Devvo, ya dickhead!

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1. Somebody with a dick for a head

2. An insulting word to call someone

3. An unfortunetly named person

4. Devvo's favourite word!
1. Poor guy was born with a dick where a head should be. You can imagine what his nickname at school was! If it was raining out the kids would ask him if he wanted to borrow a condom...

2. Ya dick head!

3. If your last name is head, dont call your son Richard!

4. "What ya filming for ya dick head? Fuck off!"... "I'm only asking for, like, 4 cans ya dick head! Ya fucking dick head!"
by Devvo, ya dickhead! December 12, 2006
If destroyned still true.
Devvo: I'll just make it known that you'll be boss of the swings. IDST on it mate! If anyone says "well, dickhead I'm just sayin thats not true" just say it were IDST mate. And they'll just be fuckin "aw shit ya dickhead, you are boss of't swings!"
by Devvo, ya dickhead! December 12, 2006
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