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A word evolved from "damn it" to be used in moments of exasperation and frustration in both joking or serious context. The DUY is often emphasized withy only a hint of, or no pronounced, "mit". Most often used by reilly and devon.
Devonia: Okay, we're at WalMart, but where are the whiffle balls?
Reilly: I guess they don't have any.
Devonia: DUYmit!
Reilly: DUYmi!
Devonia: DUYm!
Reilly: DUY!
Devonia: DU!
by Devonia July 01, 2005
A derogatrory term often supplanted for jerk, idot, moron, and worse names when one does not wish to swear. Helpful for situations in which you wish to remain classy while insulting your fellow individual or simply leave them clueless.
Devon: Connor, do you want to play whiffle ball?
Connor: No, I am studying for a history test.
Devon: You are such a "jay oh bee" Connor. Seriously.
by Devonia June 09, 2005
A notice of leave. Can be used in verbal or online conversation. Derived from a misunderstood statement in the dialoge between Carmella and Tony in HBO's, "The Sopranos". "alamoo" may be added for extra confusion of the alterior conversationalist.
boozigaman6: Devon want to come over and help me with some stuff? Just for like an hour.
Devoniarelli888: gabagoo alamoo
bozigaman6: what? no wait! what are you talking about!?
Devoniarelli888 signed off at 8:04 pm
by Devonia June 09, 2005

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