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better than just good, exponentially better than average. "Cifra" pronounced 'chee-fra means "sum" in Italian.
That coffee was not only good, it was good and a cifra. Can also use "and a cifra" after any other descriptive adjective, for example "My sister just broke up with her boyfriend. She is sad and a cifra"
#good #great #fantastic #chifra #more
by Devon Dellaversana January 13, 2006
Scarcasm, n. clever but very unkind comments that leave a scar on the recipient. A stronger form of sarcasm that is directed towards someone who is especially sensitive and is permanently "scarred" by the cutting remark.
Also Scarcastic, adj.
"Why isn't your sister coming to the house warming party?" " "Oh, she has been having a hard time dealing with her boss' scarcasm - the other day he made an especially cruel comment about the size of her nose and now she's even more self conscience in new social situations.That guy is such an ass."
#scarcastic #sarcasm #mock #wisecrack #scorn
by Devon Dellaversana August 17, 2007
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