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The best movie ever, Starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana with his freind Manny. They try to make it big, but it backfires and Tony gets caught up in some bad shit..
"This town like a great big pussy just waitin to get fucked." - Tony Montana
by Devious D April 28, 2003
An exclaimation of retardation and/or joy; Best word ever- See Der
"Wow those are some good cheetoes.. Nyerp!"
by Devious D April 28, 2003
Larry ; A person who fcuks everyone and is REEEEAAALLLYYY stupid
"chut up j00 fucking dumbslut!"
by Devious D April 28, 2003
Target of a fuckstick.
I gave her fuckburger my fucking fuckstick, yo.
#pussy #vagina #fuckstick #fuck burger #pinocha
by devious d November 03, 2005
The best word ever, bar none next to Nyerp- See Nyerp
"Those cheetoes are made of fake cheese.. DEEEERRRR!"
by Devious D April 28, 2003
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