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Poker terminology.
When two players forget about what their cards are and just raise each other back and forth spraying testosterone all over the table. Common sense is never a factor in a testosterone fight.
Sam: What happened to all of Dave's chips?
Matt: He just lost a huge testosterone fight to Devin. Devin's so cool.
Bruce Willis: Yeah, I wish I were as cool as Devin.
by Devin McNasty March 11, 2005
Expression in poker when someone raises you just to push you around and be a tough guy, usually preflop in Holdem, and you turn around, whip out the testosterone hose, and re-raise a ridiculous amount.
Matt: I call.
Ryan: I call.
Marco: I call.
Sam: I call.
Devin: I call.
Dave: Actually, I'm just gonna raise that a little bit.. double the blind.
Devin: Fuck that shit bitch! I'm droppin' the hammer!
by Devin McNasty March 10, 2005

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