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If Jesus were made out of cheese his name would be Cheesus
mmmmm Cheesus
by Devin Diggler April 27, 2004
The highest form of Homosexuality known to man. Usually consists of watchin pro wrestling just to see sweaty men rub up on each other, pointing out who stuffs their trunks. Also, while doing so is on the phone for 5 hours with another man.
Went I went to San Francisco I saw these Fairies. They weren't just gay, they were Hyatte gay.
by Devin Diggler April 26, 2004
300 pound women that over eat daily, and have more hair on their chest and chin than they do on their twat area.

Snattler may Also Mean: when a girl bleeds into a 64 ounce AM/PM soda and a 600 pound homo drinks it and then shares with his boyfriend then spreads some on a dildo and bangs their ear drum out and then licks it and sucks down his own ear drum, then shits it and and reswallows it. Reshits it out, puts it on a persons meal at dennys 4 years later and that person eats it, shits it out and takes it and uses it for sexual pleasure.
Marie is a complete snattler, that I cannot even dare to look at her chin.
by Devin Diggler January 29, 2004
When a girl from age 15-17 gets rammed in her ass, twat, and mouth with a rusty hook at a house party, and starts to get blood and green ooze coming out of her mouth, nose, and eye balls.
Man Stacy got skunkler'd once again at Scotties (from Boogie Nights) House party on Friday.
by Devin Diggler January 29, 2004
A phrase used by fags who think they are better than people because they don't do drugs adnd listen to punk music. I don't do drugs and I'm sure glad I dont associate myself with these people. Also, I am better than them
FxYxIxE. Give me cock
by Devin Diggler April 26, 2004
The most simplistic form of music known to man. 2 or 3 chords and no talent is involved.
punk rock can suck my cock.
by Devin Diggler April 27, 2004

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