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3 definitions by Devin Diaz

nipples, could be male or female nipples
Peter just pulled down Nicole's shirt, I saw her goblin knobs and everything, that is so inappropriate in a nice neighborhood like this
by Devin Diaz January 19, 2008
16 4
a phrase said when a girl is ugly
the phrase comes from the fact that ugly girls have to go an extra mile and do things out of the ordinary for guys to have intrest in them
Devin: "Hey, Yeager is talking to this girl, Alexis, I guess he asked her out"
Peter: "Really?"
Devin: "Yea, I think she'll lick your butt though"
Peter: "What makes you say that?"
Devin: "well, I was talking to Julia, who's friends with Alexis, and the way she talks about her made me feel like she was trying to drop hints about her being ugly"

Jake: "I got a new girlfriend"
Mike: "Will she lick your butt?"
by Devin Diaz January 29, 2008
10 7
to pass gas; said after farting
Devin: "nukka"
Carissa: "you farted"

"I just nukka'd
by Devin Diaz January 29, 2008
11 59