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When you suck or lick a mans (not a boy's)dick. Don't forget about the guys balls, that will make him very happy. also remember to keep you teeth back away from the entire penis, it is very sensitive down there. on the head always play wit it wit your tounge, feel how soft and wonderful it feels. use the tip of your toungue to feel all of the details of the wonderful head. dont forget about the shaft either. while your mouth isnt down there messaging it use ur hand to give him a miny hand job. dont forget that. most guys like wen u go fast but dont forget while u r goin fast that ur teeth arent hitting it at all, tht will deffinately make it less horny. after a lil of that switch it up and bob ur head up and down so that u deep throat, hold it there long enough for you to gag, that feels wonderful to them wen you throat tightens up on the head. while UR head is near the top rub it quickly wit your hand, and wen he finally cums u should swallow, it doesnt taste bad and i actually like it. its not a bad thing if he doesnt cum, it just means u need to try sumthin dif next time =)
I went over to my boyfriends house. as we went down to his room i started to suck on his neck. i pushed him on the bed and said "You've been a very bad boy and you need punished ;)" As i said that the buldge in his pants was even more notice able. i pulled his pants off first then teased him by kissing him on the neck then moving down slowly. As i get to that area i then tease him by kissing him around his thigh, and right around the base, that drives him crazy so i go to the balls. i lick and suck on them which makes him notice ably harder. i then go to his second head and start to lick and lightly suck it. i feel around the hole of the head, stick my tounge in and just feel how soft and smooth it is. it feels amazing and that drives me crazy! He can tell im noticably hornier so he starts to finger me hard from behind! that feels amazing and so he shoves in 4 fingers! i am going crazy wit pleasure so i start to moan as i am giving him the blowjob! he is now getting so fuckin horny that he starts to moan too!! As i increase the speed of my how fast i am puttin his thick dick into my mouth he gets harder and harder until finally he cums as i am licking the excess off of his penis so some goes onto his leg as well as myself. So i lean down and lick off his cum from his beautiful thigh. I also do get the cum off myself bcuz y waste some good ass cum wen it well.... COMES!! He then says "thnx babe, that was the best blowjob i ever did get" He then ate me out and while he was doin dat i was moanin so much it brought him rite back up! so i had to take care of that, but then i had to go home, but not b4 we got down and did the horizontal hokie pokie!
if this made u horny like it did me then ur welcom. hope you learned sumthing and rememberl, always swallow wit a smile =)
by Devin <3 Sean June 03, 2009
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