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The only reason anyone needs to play the new Sonic games.

The "black" character of the Sonic games.
Wheee! Knux mah man!
by Devilish Kurumi March 01, 2004
The third installment of a great snowboarding game series. This one features a new gameplay from the last two, more customizing - as in you can change outfits specifically by shirts and stuff, instead of the whole damned outfit - and though it doesn't have cut scenes like SSX Tricky had, it's still great fun and you can still get an idea of what the personalities of the characters are like. It gets a 8 out of 10.
SSX rocks my socks!
by Devilish Kurumi March 01, 2004
He's a chameleon.... AND.... a ninja-turned-detective!!!

How can you get any better than that?

He's one of the best characters to play as in Sonic Heroes - due to his ability to become invisible (A then B on Gamecube), he can sneak by or destroy enemies and they don't know WTF hit 'em!
Bwahahaha *A then B* You cannn't seee meeeeee...
by Devilish Kurumi March 01, 2004
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