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Frank Castle. A Vietnam vet who, along with his family, was gunned down during a picnic in Central Park in the middle of a mob hit shortly after the war. However, while his entire family died violently, Castle survived. Since that day, he has dedicated his life to killing any and all criminals that he comes across. He especially targets the mafia. Contrary to popular belief, he doesn't necesarilly kill criminals to protect the public, he does it simply because he hates them.

He has been adapted into three different movies. The first two of which were forgettable. The third however, contrary to what some dipshit movie critics think, kicks major ass!!!
That mass murderer was starting to get cocky and arrogant after getting off with that technicality, until the Punisher shoved that frag grenade down his throat!

I don't give a shit what Roger Ebert says, The Punisher: Warzone kicked serious ass!!!

Ray Stevenson plays one badass motherfucking Punisher!!!
by DevilbytheDeed December 10, 2008

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