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What the water is called in a hot tub when a bunch of men are sharing it without women.
I was sitting with all my guy friends in a hot tub and realized I was basically sitting in cock n ball stew.
by Devereux League October 07, 2011
The act of continual joke telling that the author (story teller) thinks as funny. yet the response is nothing (nada)...

The horrible humor catapults the wannabe comedian into the same stratosphere as Carrot Top and Louie Anderson.
Joe was sending emails with such bad jokes, he belongs in the Nadapult category.

Steve's jokes are so bad (and predictable) that even Carrot Top looks funny in comparison.
by Devereux League November 01, 2011
A person who is short, dumpy, hunched over (poor posture) wearing wrinkled clothes
You are such a frumplestein
by Devereux League April 27, 2015

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