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Making love to a cougar anally, flipping her over then realizing it is really a transvestite
I took some cougar home from the bar last night and she turned out to be a "Mrs Doubtfire"
by Deuce Deucer September 11, 2010
When your buddy passes out and you begin to tea bag your buddy placing a hairy ball on each eyelid
After a long night of drinking some top shelf Canadian Hunter whisky, my friend passed out and I gave him the "Arabian Ski Goggles" and took a picture
by Deuce Deucer September 11, 2010
When you take a dump on their face, bust a nut, and then smoothen the surface with your testicles four times over to create a smooth driving surface
My girlfriend was feeling freaky and begged for a Hot Karl, but I suggested a "Michigan Steamroller." She agreed and I indulged in these wild pleasures
by Deuce Deucer September 11, 2010
Taking a dump into a crystal bowl then forcing feeding it to your sexual partner
My girlfriend ate a big bowl of my "Fancy Feast" last night
by Deuce Deucer September 11, 2010
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