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A supposed 'gangsta' from Detroit, who actually grew up in the upper class rankings of a rich family, an hour outside of the city. A man who suffers from small penis syndrome, but attempts to mislead the world by saying otherwise in his lyrics. He keeps his coke in his right front pocket and a wad of $1 bills, that are wrapped in a single $100 bill in the other. His fan base doesn't have any teeth, and are typically morbidly obese. He's coined the phrase "I'm On A Motherfucking Boat!" and hopefully the next time that shipload of white trash sets sail, it sinks. All it will take is one extra ticket to be sold to exceed the boats maximum weight limit and VOILA the world will be a much better place. If he takes Ted Nugent with him...Detroit will RISE AGAIN TO GREATNESS!
"Did you hear that 42 year old man refer to himself as 'Kid Rock?" "Yes, his parents are brother and sister, he can't help it. He's a victim of inbreeding."
by DetroitHatesYou December 07, 2013

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