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Used to be a place where children would go to learn and acquire the tools that they would need in life. A place for education. Now, unless you're in a charter or Christian School, its hell on earth and you're learning all about the wrong things. A place not only hated by students, but also by the people who work there. Not all of the schools in America suck, just 95%
Person 1: My teacher said that the only reason why he was a teacher was for the health benefits.
Person 2: My teacher sent me an email today saying that he wants to have sex with me.
Person 3: My school just got closed down because it was the center of a drug ring.
by Detrimental Deity January 14, 2006
The people who being us in this world, give us a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, clothes on our backs, the majority of the money we spend, and unconditional love. They also put up with all the idiotic things we do as teens, they teach us more than any book ever could, they care for us no matter what, they look out for our best interests, they listen to us whine and complain, and try to relate to us. They are the people who we owe everything to yet we never give them anything.
A mom and a dad, grandparents, aunt and uncle, family, or someone who takes responsibility for our sorry butts.
All of you stop crying about what your parents won't let you do and learn to be grateful. Two-year olds act more mature than some of you do.
by Detrimental Deity January 15, 2006
A gift that can only come from God. It goes beyond knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to understand the ways of the world and the people within it. Wisdom is insight and keen understanding; accumulated experience and knowledge gained from others over time. You can't get it from any book, except the Bible.
The wise receive wisdom, and the fools rely on they own understanding.
by Detrimental Deity January 15, 2006
The evidence of things not seen. Being sure of what you hope for and what you cannot see. Being able to look beyond what is in front you, and believing that there is something better on the other side, even though you can' see it. It surpasses the limitations on the mind set by man. Faith is something that atheists either have no understanding of or fear, and most of the time its both.
My mind isn't limited so much by what other people say, or by what science may say, I have the ability to think beyond logic and my mind can surpass all limitations set by man. I know how to hope and believe, I know what is truth, I recognize wisdom, I have faith.
by Detrimental Deity January 15, 2006
Used to promote a sense of unity among students, and keep other kids from getting picked on for not being able to wear all the latest fasion designs and saves parents from having to spend millions on school shopping. Doesn't rob students of their individuality, but teaches them how to dress respectfully and find other ways to be individual. It's a good idea if its introduced to students the right way and not heavily regulated.
Person 1: School uniforms supress our individuality.
Person 2: No, it stops us from judging by appearances all the time and teaches us how to be individuals aside from our appearance. It only sucks if you have to where them for the entire school year, every single day. You should get used to it seeing as most jobs these days have dress codes and/or require their employees to wear uniforms.
by Detrimental Deity January 14, 2006
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

God's gift to humans that is the only tangible form of absolute truth in this world and the flawless and infallible history of mankind. A book that is feared by many, except for those that understand it-which are Christians. In other words if you're not a Christian, then its all going to go over your head, so don't even bother if you're not really interested.
Person 1: My friend said that the Bible is a collection of fairytales and is based off the ignorance of man.
Person 2: So in other words, he didn't understand any of it and now he's in denial.
by Detrimental Deity January 14, 2006
Definition 1: Someone who does not believe in God(s) and doesn't grasp the concept of religion. Nothing more. Don't believe all the hype about: I think using logic, and I don't believe in ignorance and blah blah blah. It's a phase, a fad, and a bunch of teenage angst.
Person 1: I do not believe in God
Person 2: Oh, so then you're an atheist? :)
Person 2: Yes :)
Person 3: I think logically, rather than base my beliefs on a self-contradicting document which is not just unproven, but is actually disproven by science.
Person 2: Oh, so you're in denial :)
by Detrimental Deity January 14, 2006
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