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2 definitions by Desu!

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, rapid firing a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle at extreme close range without looking down the scope.
A: "Holy shit! I just got .50 cal-ed from a yard away!"

B: (Man 1) "What are you doing wasting ammo?"

(Man 2) ".50 cal-ing this fool"

C: "HAHAHA, I just totally .50 cal-ed that camper FTW!"
by Desu! May 02, 2011
14 7
1.) Semen

2.) Any food or drink.
A: "Dude, you've got some leftover skrum on your face."

B: "Oh man, I totally dropped my skrum on my sister's lap."

C: "Have you ever force fed your wife some skrum?"
by Desu! May 02, 2011
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