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n. An adolescent or child who either exhibits douche bag behaviors, or is being raised by a certifiable douche bag.
The graphic-t wearing little Douche Bag in Training rushed to the temporary tatoo booth to see all the new tribal designs.
by despot ruler January 20, 2010
n. acronymn for Douch Bag in Training (see Douche Bag in Training)
After leaving the Affliction T-shirt support group the father picked up his D-Bit son from his ex-girlfriends who broke up with him because he would not move out of his mother's house.
by despot ruler January 20, 2010
n. A male over the age of 25 who exhibits two of the following traits: a) Lives with his parents; b) Is employed by or finanically dependent on his parents; c) Has an unusally and awkward relationship with his mother; d) is on all social networking websites; e) works in one of the following professions: Realtor, Developer, "Entrepreneur", Party Planner, Insurance, or Pay Day Loans
The Man Boy told his new girlfriend that he doesn't live with his mommy, his mommy lives with him, fo shizzel!
by Despot Ruler January 15, 2010
n. 1) t-shirt that has a mess of colors and irregular designs by designers like Affliction, Ed Hardy, etc; 2) Standard clothing article worn by Douche bags; 3) "Douche Bag Tag" 4) Flag raised in honor of douche bag Solidaity 5) The American Football fan's other shirt.
Give me my Ed Hardy graphic-t or give me death
by despot ruler January 20, 2010

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