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2 definitions by Desmo

noun - regarding weed: a stingy smoker, someone unwilling to share.

less frequently, verb - to be stingy with or to consume a disproportionate amount of your own weed. Cf. bogue.
"He smoked the whole bag by himself? What a mize!!"

"He owed me a joint, but he mized me and smoked it all himself."
by Desmo July 27, 2004
16 13
verb, usually regarding weed: to take something promised or owed to someone else, to consume by oneself instead of sharing. Cf. mize.

noun, usually regarding weed: one who bogues.
"Dude, he bogued me! When we were getting beer he left with all the weed."

"What a bogue."
by Desmo July 27, 2004
19 29