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4 definitions by Deskin'

A synonym for "know what I'm sayin," except a shorter, more ran-together version.
"Noam Chomsky man?"
"Oh, I know what you're Chomsky."
by Deskin' September 24, 2007
68 46
A variation on the Title "Pachabell's Cannon," A famous classical round.

Definition: Pack a bowl (of mariwan or crack or whatever)
"Are you 'bout ready to packabowl's cannon?"
"Nah man, you got me fUcked up.
by Deskin' September 24, 2007
2 0
When a hoe is slapped, her center of gravity is altered in a given direction. This direction is bitchwise.
I slapped the shit outta that hoe rightways and bitchwise.
by Deskin' September 24, 2007
4 3
An altered spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of the name "Cimbabue," pronounced "Chimaboowee." When uneducated folk attempt to read "Cimabue," They end up saying "Who's this simmaboo guy. Chigaboo is actually an alteration of this mispronunciation. And it means cigarette to midwestern punk rockers.
"It's all up to you, Chigaboo
I don't know why I love you but baby I do."
-Watts Riot
by Deskin' September 24, 2007
5 14