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Mary Sue


A negative reference to a female character
commonly used by beginning writers in their Fan-fiction.

Most times, the "Mary-Sue" is based upon the author.
She is unusually perfect and more advanced, also befriends
or becomes romantically entangled with the author's favorite
character/characters from the series. Because she is more
superior than the other characters in the work, she mainly
becomes the focus of the fan-fiction, thus ruining whatever
the fan-fiction was about.

As stated above, the name of the character referred to as
the "Mary-Sue" does not matter.


A person who acts smug or superior to a friend or comrade.

"Cassandra was a Mary-Sue in DD's version of Harry Potter VI."


"Don't be a Mary-Sue, you wanker!"
by Desiree655 April 28, 2004
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